Women Empowerment

BAL BASERA SEVA SANSTHAN is specially support or working the issues of HIV infected women. At present, about 400 HIV positive widow women are linked with the organization. In fact, in Rajasthan, people suffering from HIV are generally viewed with discrimination and stigma. In such a situation, when women suffering from HIV become widows, their life becomes very difficult. They are often harassed and stigmatized by their families and women from many communities are even banned from doing labor or employment in the village. Most of the women suffering from HIV in villages are ostracized from family and society and do not even get regular treatment for HIV/AIDS. The economic condition of most women is very weak and they are unable to support their families.

BAL BASERA SEVA SASNTHAN support to HIV positive women by-

  • 1- Organization gives them skill training like sewing works, Art & Craft works, Mehndi etc. and provide them a platform for earning herself and living their life with respect and also provide employment if they need job.
  • 2- Organization provides them Psychological & Legal support when they need.
  • 3- By providing Medical Counseling & Treatments and many other supports related to health like tests, medicine, indoors or outdoors facility in hospitals.
  • 4- By distribute Food Kits & Nutrition for needy poor families.
  • 5- By distribute education materials for their children.
  • 6- Organization also links these women to many government social schemes like Widow Pension, Palanhar, Food Security, Old Age Pension, Kanyadan Yojna etc.